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THE INKEY LIST | AHA Serum (30ml )

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For smoother, softer, more even skin, with pores minimised and blemishes battled, look no further than THE INKEY LIST’s all-star wonder: Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum. This serum stars 10% AHAs derived from natural sources such as food and plants – including bilberry, lemon and orange extracts and sugar cane extract – and gently exfoliates skin to leave it supremely soft and smooth. How, you might well ask? AHAs work by gently ‘ungluing’ the dead skin cells that stay of your complexion’s surface, which can make it appear dull and make pores appear larger, giving the appearance of an uneven skin tone. Get rid of these unnecessary cells and you’re left with the brighter, clearer, more even sin underneath. Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum also increases cell turnover, addressing blemishes and dark spots. To minimise irritation and keep skin hydrated, the formula also contains 1% hyaluronic acid – ingenious.   

The Inkey’s List AHA serum is enriched with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) found naturally in food and plants – including sugar cane, lemon and orange – this super serum gently exfoliates, removing dead, dulling skin cells to reveal the soft, smooth radiance beneath. Increasing cell renewal, the formula also helps to minimise dark spots and battle blemishes – it even stars hyaluronic acid to keep things hydrated too.