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For a picture-perfect complexion, this serum features correcting, light-reflecting and radiance-boosting ingredients so that your skin will look flawless in photos – and as-good-as-airbrushed in real life. Utilising NIOD's leading-edge, patented technologies – including camera hue correcting and light-refracting ingredients – it can be used alone or combined with make up to lend skin a beautifully subtle, versatile glow.



NIOD’s Photography Fluid, Opacity 12% is like a real-life photographic filter that will swiftly get your face to flawless. Imparting radiance in a flash, this serum-textured treatment contains an impressive array of light-refracting prisms, colour-correctors and topical photo-finishing technologies. Bio-silica photo finishing prisms contain multiple grades of ultra-fine light-reflecting particles, which refract the light in thousands of different directions to instantly even out skin tone. Blurring nano spheres reduce the look of imperfections and minimise pores, while hue correctors reduce redness and counteract yellow tones. Alongside this host of advanced airbrushing ingredients, bio-sugar complex offers light, swiftly absorbed hydration to comfort skin as it’s perfected. Beautifully versatile, NIOD’s fabulous fluid can be used alone, as a primer or mixed with make up to get a photo-ready finish. 



Apply instead of or under liquid foundation to balance out undesirable colour tones and skin imperfections.

This formula can also be mixed with other products for subtle hue correction.