OUAI | On My Ouai Kit

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Perfect for jet setters, gym bunnies and the disorganised alike, this incredibly convenient kit features Ouai favourites for repairing, rehydrating and refreshing strands. Dry Shampoo, Texturizing Hair Spray, Smooth Spray and Treatment Masque Packettes ensure that your hair looks salon fresh wherever you venture.


Wherever you’re going, OUAI Haircare’s On My Ouai collection features four of the brand’s favourites for repairing, rehydrating and refreshing in convenient travel sizes. Dry Shampoo offers an instant refresh in a flash, Texturizing Hair Spray provides serious root boost and cool-girl texture, Smooth Spray conditions, fights frizz and detangles and – last but certainly not least – Treatment Masque Packettes provide a perfectly portable way to treat your tresses. United in a limited edition transparent carry-on case, this is just right for the jet setters.


Dry Shampoo

Shake it up. Holding the bottle 6" from your hair, blast roots then, flip hair over and fluff with your fingers.

Jen's Tip: Apply to dry hair to revitalise yesterday’s style for perfectly lived in hair.

Texturizing Hair Spray

Shake it up. Holding the bottle 6" from your head, mist dry hair from roots to ends. For ultimate volume, flip hair upside down and spray.

Jen's Tip: Mist it on dry hair and scrunch strands out with your fingers for a loose, lived-in look. Flip hair upside down and spray for instantly fresh-looking hair.

Smooth Spray

Mist lightly throughout damp hair prior to brushing and/or heat styling for added conditioning, thermal protection and control. 

Treatment Masque Packettes

Smooth evenly through hair, combing with fingers if needed. Chill out for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. Super coarse strands? Use daily after shampooing.

Jen's Tip: Headed to the gym? Work my treatment through strands before a sweat session and let the heat help it penetrate your hair, then rinse.