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Jaclyn Hill can rock a killer eye look like no other. Have a staring contest with her using her 8 go-to blending and buffing powerhouses. 

“I created this collection for all my subscribers. Whether you’re a boy on-the-go or a girl who owns the night, these brushes will help you create any look! Go on with your bad self and slay. I love you!”


  • JH30 - Beast Mode Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH32 - Transition Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH33 - Universal Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH39 - Inner Corner Highlight Brush ( synthetic)
  • JH40 - Precise Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH41 - All Over Lid Brush (blend of synthetic and natural)
  • JH42 - Brow Bone Highlight Brush (natural)
  • JH43 - Eyeliner Smudge Brush (synthetic)
  • Master Bag - Small

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JH30 - Beast Mode Blender Brush 
“The best everyday blending blush for all over the lid because it’s so fat, so fluffy, and so soft that you get a really even, sheer wash of color.”

JH32 - Transition Blender Brush 
“It’s the first brush that I use when I start my makeup. It is my favorite one to initially go into the crease with because it puts down such a beautiful, sheer wash of color.”

JH33 - Universal Blender Brush 
“My favorite blending brush of all time. I’ve been in a relationship with this motherf***er for many, many years.”

JH39 - Inner Corner Highlight Brush
“Everyone needs an inner corner highlight, and that’s what this brush is for.”

JH40 - Precise Blender Brush 
“If you do anything beyond an everyday, neutral look, you need this brush in your life.”

JH41 - All Over Lid Brush 
“The hairs have the perfect amount of stiffness, so you can use it to apply glitter, cream products, powder products—whatever you need. I use it for everything.”

JH42 - Brow Bone Highlight Brush 
“I use for my brow bone highlight. I also use it in the center of the lid for a nice spotlight. It’s definitely multi-purpose.”

JH43 - Eyeliner Smudge Brush 
“Dip it in some shadow, buff out the lash, and you’re gonna have a good night.”