MORPHE | 39L Hit The Lights eyeshadow palette

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MORPHE 39L Hit The Lights eyeshadow palette

The holographic case of this Hit The Lights eyeshadow palette from beauty powerhouse Morphe sets the tone for what’s inside. Open up, and there are 39 complementary high-shine shades – in both glitter and metallic textures – boasting a blendable, pigmented finish that can be used to either highlight, blend or transition (without ever having a repeat moment)


Morphe 39L Hit The Lights eyeshadow palette

  • Code Red: Curated by Bianca Linares
  • Daring (matte hot coral), Hot Stuff (matte crimson red),
  • Serve Looks (matte raspberry),
  • For Real (matte cocoa),
  • Attention Please (rosé duo chrome),
  • So Sassy (shimmering brick red),
  • Extra Attitude (metallic copper),
  • Werk the Room (metallic golden coral);
  • Smoke Show: Curated by Thuy Le
  • Vibing (icy gold shimmer),
  • Flirt Alert (gold glitter),
  • My Type (matte sand),
  • Hook Up (matte caramel),
  • Hot Date (silver champagne shimmer),
  • Love Bomb (silver glitter),
  • Makeout Sesh (matte deep taupe),
  • Obsessive (matte black with sparkle),
  • Beam (iced champagne),
  • Magic Hour (golden pink glow),
  • Glow Show (rose copper sheen),
  • Glitz On (champagne silk slip topper),
  • Gleam Big (glazed donut silk slip topper),
  • Strobin’ (rosy lavender silk slip topper),
  • Halo Effect (icy holographic silk slip topper);
  • Hellagraphic, curated by Keilidh Cashell
  • Euphoric (shimmering pink violet),
  • Feelin’ It (fuchsia sheen),
  • Give In (shimmering pink lemonade),
  • So Wild (shimmering peachy copper),
  • Rhythm (shimmering magenta),
  • No Regrets (matte magenta),
  • Live It Up (shimmering sunset orange),
  • Chaos (bronzy peacock duo chrome);
  • After Party, curated by Victor Ramos,
  • Ghosted (icy blue shimmer),
  • Don’t Stop (matte neon blue),
  • Reckless (matte neon pink),
  • Go All Night (matte neon coral)
  • Insomniac (golden green duo chrome),
  • Out Late (matte neon lime),
  • 2AM (matte neon yellow), ‘
  • Til Dawn (matte black)