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one eye shadow shade was damaged in transit (blue). 


You asked for it, Morphe Babes. The 39A Dare to Create palette is back. With four rows of the perfect color combos and a row of super-sized transition shades, this stunner is ready for coloring outside the lines. Create your masterpiece with these super-pigmented shades—because they’ll fulfill every look you can imagine. Your ultimate color wheel is finally back at your fingertips. So what are you waiting for? Go on. Be your own muse. We dare you.



  • 32 bold, highly pigmented shades
  • 7 super-sized transition shades
  • Ultra-smooth, creamy color


Row 1:

  • Bronze Chrome (metallic blackened bronze)
  • Stroke (matte warm tan)
  • Expression (matte deep eggplant)
  • Artistic (metallic antique brass)
  • Spark (metallic deep rose gold)
  • Create (matte magenta)
  • Passion (matte mulberry)
  • Forever (matte blackberry)

Row 2:

  • Frame (matte hazelnut)
  • Mass (matte chocolate mousse)
  • Cut Crease (matte burnt sienna)
  • Deep Hue (matte smoky brown)
  • Vibrant (matte red clay)
  • Snatched (shimmering fruit punch)
  • Vivid (matte amber)
  • Trendy (metallic warm amethyst)

Row 3:

  • Bare (matte café au lait)
  • Canvas (matte toffee)
  • Sunder (matte cinnamon)
  • Define Me (matte pumpkin spice)
  • Evolve (matte brown sugar)
  • Transitional (matte walnut)
  • Sculpt (matte cocoa)

    Row 4:

    • Image (metallic Caribbean blue)
    • Indigo (matte denim blue)
    • Dare Me (shimmering sapphire)
    • Chromatic (metallic bronze chrome)
    • Fickle (matte avocado green)
    • Inspire (shimmering emerald)
    • Pine (matte olive green)
    • So Glam (metallic gold)

    Row 5:

    • Tailor (metallic turquoise)
    • Colour (metallic jade)
    • Cobalt Blu (shimmering indigo)
    • Slice (matte smoky quartz)
    • Cat Eye (matte deep taupe)
    • Exposed (glistening deep umber)
    • Granite (shimmering burnished charcoal)
    • Muse (matte midnight black)