HOURGLASS | Ambient Lighting Blush 4.2g | Radiant Magenta

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Uniting beauty and science with luxury, you can rely on this seamless, simply sublime range for a miraculous addition to your make up kit – and this ground-breaking, beautifully marbled hybrid provides a new way to blush. Fusing Hourglass’ adored, universally flattering Ambient Lighting Powder with vivid blush pigments, this hand-made powder grants soft-focus radiance, enhanced with luminescent technology to ensure that your flush never falls flat. Choose from the stunning shades – or give in to all seven.


For a flawless flush that will never fall flat, Hourglass has devised an irresistible new way to blush: Ambient Lighting Blush. This ground-breaking hybrid fuses the universally flattering radiance of the brand’s beloved Ambient Lighting Powder with vivid, uplifting colour to provide a seamless, soft-focus finish. The handmade, magnificently marbled pans are formulated using an advanced ‘miscelare’ technique (which means ‘to mix’ in Italian) creating the perfect balance of pigment and powder, enhanced with ‘Photoluminescent Technology’ to maintain vibrancy, depth and dimension. Beautifully buildable, you’re sure to be seduced by at least one of the seven sumptuous shades: there’s ‘Diffused Heat’, a vibrant poppy combined with ‘Diffused Light’ Ambient Lighting Powder; ‘Dim Infusion’, a subdued coral fused with ‘Dim Light’ to add warmth; ‘Ethereal Glow’, a cool pink blush united with ‘Ethereal Light’ for moonlit luminosity; ‘Luminous Flush’, a champagne rose blush combined with ‘Luminous Light’ to evoke a candlelit glimmer; ‘Mood Exposure’, a soft plum blush fused with ‘Mood Light’ to brighten the complexion; ‘Radiant Magenta’, a golden fuchsia blush combined with ‘Radiant Light’ for a summery glow and, finally, ‘Incandescent Electra’, a cool peach blush blended with ‘Incandescent Strobe Light’ for a celestial, radiant finish. Oh, glow on then!