CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand 12ml

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The Beauty Light Wand are the most beautiful highlighters inspired by the digitally-remastered tricks of Hollywood! It plays with the light beautifully, for a soft-focused glow that bathes you in beauty light and joy! If you loved the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand, you will LOVE the Glowgasm Beauty Light Wands!
    • The easy magic cushion applicator is a soft cushion pad that dispenses product evenly onto cheekbones, making it super blendable and easy to use.
    • Glow Gel enhances the skin’s luminosity for a high gloss highlight that plays with the light beautifully. It's quick drying but stays dewy!
    • Velvety Silica has magical soft-focusing powers and Sensorial Oil gives your skin a silky soft feel.
    • Brightening Pigments provide a dreamy, translucent and radiant finish.
    • Lindera Extract magically mimics the effects of light for a radiant-looking glow.


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