Ariul | Stress relieving purefull cleansing tissue

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This makeup removing tissue gently and quickly cleanses and moisturizes your skin with a natural fragrance that refreshes your senses for a relaxing effect.


Sure, there's plenty of face wipes out there but do they deliver aromatherapy and truly take off all the grime? This one truly removes any traces of makeup without creating any stinging. 

No more worries about micro dust! Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing will remove the skin wastes and return pure and clean skin.

3-Step delicate deep cleansing (Cleansing, moisturizing, calming) cleans deep down to pores with gentle moisturizing calming care. "Purefull Complex" in cleansing foam is specially formulated cleansing complex with sansevieria, rosemary, black pine leaf, and oxygenated water. 6 Natural oils are combined to give a refreshing citrus scent. Gentel in nature - by excluding harmful ingredients, both cleansing foam and tissue can be used on sensitive skins.

Proven to be effective on removing micro dust within skin pores by independent research organization (Elead Lab)

Gently wipe your complexion until all makeup is removed. Follow with cleansing.