Ariul | 7 Days Vitamin Mist Phyto 6 Complex

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Natural and Green Graded Nutrients only!
This facial spray is perfect for hydration both before and after makeup and it's  EWG (Environmental Working Group) Certified


6 Natural Ingredients Detox Mist.

6 all natural key ingredients delivers vitamins and minerals to your skin in a super fine mist.

  • 10,000 ppm mineral water + 1,000 ppm Phyto-6 complex. EWG 0~2 grade ingredients
  • “No Irritancy” tested by Korea Dermatology Research Institute.
  • 10,000ppm Mineral Water with vitamins supply hydration and nutrients.
  • Phyto-6 Complex 1,000mg contains apple, broccoli, banana, tomato, cabbage, carrot, which helps to purify and vitalize the skin.
  • FREE of parabens, mineral oils, artificial color, artificial scent , TEA and others.
  • Advanced superb eco-friendly pump with fine mist and wide angle.
  • Tested for no irritancy, and composed of Environmental Working Group’s 0~2 grade ingredients.