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Ariul | 7 Day Mask - Green Tea (Day 1)

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Get well protected with this Ariul Green Tea Mask that will give you softer, smoother skin after a full day out in the sun!

The Ariul Seven Days Mask is a quick, effective treatment for all different types of skin troubles from acne breakouts to redness to rough or dry skin by lack of sleep, overwork, UV or other known skin dangers. Seven Days Mask is simple and easy to use. The mask is packed with nourishing natural essences so that you will see results after just one use. Its hypoallergenic ingredients along with oil-free minerals and non-artificial coloring elements make it safe for even the most sensitive skin. So, when it's time for you to relax at the end of a long day, simply apply the mask for 20 minutes. As you wind down from your demanding lifestyle, your skin will quickly open up to all the nutrients the mask has to offer leaving you with rejuvenated and vibrant skin.


Key Ingredients & Benefits:

Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Green Tea) Extract - Rich in antioxidants, this ingredient provides anti-aging properties while helping to maintain firm and elastic skin and protect against sun damage. 
Glycerin  - A humectant that will moisturize the skin by drawing water from the air into the skin’s outer layer while also forming a protective layer to prevent moisture loss.


  •  5 FREE FORMULATION - Paraben free, mineral oil free, triethanolamine free, artificial color free, cruelty free  NATURAL and NON-TOXIC
  • NUTRIENTS - 7 Days Premium Essential Mask Solution for Calming & Soothing of Concentrated Premium Essence Mask
  • REGENERATE DAMAGED SKIN CELLS & PROTECT FROM ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE - Avocado contains numerous essential nutrients for ultra nourishment while protect & regenerate damaged skin from harmful free radicals
  • PATENTED TENCEL MASK SHEETS - 100% NATURAL nutrients extracted from eucalyptus wood provides a smoother than silk feel; it provides excellent skin adhesion and ADVANCED penetration of active & NATURAL nutrients into skin
  • NO 1 SELLING PREMIUM SKINCARE MASK; Our products are available throughout Europe, Asia, and America, and each set is being sold EVERY SECOND