Lord and Berry

Lord and Berry | Crayon Blush/Lipstick | Peach | Travel Size

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Unveil Your Natural Peachiness with Lord and Berry's Versatile Crayon for Lips and Cheeks - In Travel Size

Elevate your makeup routine with the multi-functional Lord and Berry Crayon Blush/Lipstick Crayon, designed for versatility without compromise. This isn't just another makeup crayon; it's your dual-purpose solution for achieving that radiant Peach Glow on both lips and cheeks.

Why the Lord and Berry Crayon is Your Go-To for a Peach Glow

Looking to add a touch of natural radiance to your look? With its versatile shade, the Lord and Berry Crayon can be applied on your lips as well as your cheeks. Formulated to provide a flattering Peachy colour, this product is your one-stop solution for a fresh and youthful appearance.

Your Go-To Travel Necessity 

The Lord and Berry Crayon offers a travel sized blendable texture, allowing for easy application and a seamless finish. Whether you’re aiming for subtly blushed cheeks or beautifully tinted lips, this crayon ensures a flawless, natural look.

Simple Steps to Unlock Your Best Look

  1. Apply lightly on the cheeks for a subtle blush. Mix with your favourite moisturiser for a natural glow. 
  2. Glide over the lips for a vibrant peach colour.
  3. Blend as needed for a natural finish.
  4. Revel in your radiant Peachiness.