We are not an Instagram seller

Social media has changed the way business is conducted. There is a whole new global market out there, where anyone can sell anything and their costs are minimal. You don't need a store or a website, all you need is a free Instagram or Facebook page and a few people to get the word of mouth out about your products.

I love the fact that there are amazing entrepreneurs who have found a niche in the market and are making a bit of cash doing what they love. Their prices are sometimes lower than a retail/online store as they have minimal overheads. So , if you're like me and you get a bargain, you grab it with both hands! But please do understand that some of us do have overheads, we have fixed monthly costs that have to be met, we have customs and duties that have to be paid on each item, we have bills to pay to keep the lights on and therefore our prices are not as cheap.

We cannot always offer discounts or freebies, we cannot drop our prices to match someone else's, but we do try our best to bring you a product at the best price that we can afford, sometimes we don't even make a profit on our items, but we do it because we are passionate about our service offering.

We love each and every one of our customers and we thank them for their continued support.


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