White truffle liftmax knit mask

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Meet Korean beauty innovator Neogen's fresh take on the ubiquitous sheet mask. Cut from knitted mesh - to allow for maximum absorption - and soaked with a concentrated, active-packed essence, it hydrates and boosts radiance after a single use. With white truffle to maintain optimum skin balance, avocado oil to brighten skin and propolis to calm and soothe, it's a single-sheet skincare powerhouse for glowier, healthy-looking skin.


  • Neogen white truffle liftmax knit mask
  • Best for: all skin types
  • Application: Smooth and flatten the mask over clean, dry skin. Leave on for between 10-20 minutes and then remove. Massage any remaining essence into skin with fingertips. Use once or twice a week.
  • 1 single-use mask soaked with 60ml essence


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