CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Pillow Talk Instant Eye Palette

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12 magical shades from the dreamy world of Pillow Talk in a range of super soft, intense matte and metallic pearl finishes. Diamond powder infuses a jewel-like light to your eyes while coated pigments give a silky & cushiony feel. Enriched with emollient oils for easy application.


Adorn your eyes in Pillow Talk MAGIC. Inspired by Charlotte’s best-selling, globally adored nude-pink shade that’s on EVERYONE’S lips, this eyeshadow palette features 4 eye looks that can be dialled up or down for EVERY occasion, from day to desk to date and beyond!

From the shimmering rose gold, peachy-caramel and dreamy champagne pink eyeshadow shades of the Day and Desk looks to the soft tawny brown, shimmering rosy pink and blushed berry-rose of the Date and Dream looks, create a Pillow Talk gaze that takes you ANYWHERE!


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